Q: What should we bring?

  • The beds are made up with fitted sheets and the pillows have pillowcases. Please bring something to cover up like a comforter or sleeping bag.
  • Towels, tea towels
  • Matches to light your bbq and camp fire
  • Charcoal and lighter fluid for the bbq, we have that here too.
  • Flashlight

Q: Is the water in the cottage drinkable?

  • YES, every cottage gets their water from a well that produces safe clear drinking water monitored by the Ministry on Health.

Q: What's in the kitchen?

  • Pots, pans and a kettle
  • Fridge and freezer
  • Scrubbing sponge and J-cloth
  • Utensils
  • Microwave
  • Dish brush and dish soap
  • Cutlery, plates, cups and glasses
  • Toaster
  • A spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner
  • Coffee maker

Q: Is the beach safe and sandy?

  • Yes, we have a sandy beach and the water is clear and shallow.
  • There is an island in front of the beach where you can swim to. The water is shallow, adults can even walk over.
  • There is a swim raft anchored in a deeper area, but it's not suitable to dive off.

Q: Can we bring our own boat?

  • Yes, most cottages have their own dock or share one with another cottage. We also have a marina where your boat can be docked.

Q: Do you have a Laundromat?

  • No, but there are plenty of Laundromats in Parry Sound. There is one at the mall, only 20 minutes away.

Q: Where can we get groceries?

  • There is a convenience store in McKellar with a Beer store/LCBO agency. They also sell fishing licenses.

Q: What is your pet policy?

  • Your pet is welcome at Glenwood. We do ask a couple of things of the owners:
  • Please clean up after your pet
  • Bring their own bed, don't let them on the furniture and bedding.
  • Pets are not allowed on the beach
  • No pets in the Boathouse cottage, please

Q: Do your cottages have a fire pit?

  • Yes, they all have their own fire pit. You can purchase firewood from us.
  • Please don't leave your fire unattended, the area can get dry in the summer when there is less precipitation.